News from my artistic features for sale

July 15, 2015 at 8:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Available products for sale :

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The empiric deceiver: To trust is the beginning

July 4, 2015 at 9:22 pm (Uncategorized)

To trust is the beginning
Summer endings are frustrating. The more I wait for the beginning of the enchanting season of autumn, the more annoyed my sun loving friends get. How ironic: most of them sun lovers getting their skin prepared for the next summer beach days, tanning all winter. They even get depressed and cry when gorgeous dark clouds cover their beloved .. glowing bulb. Now, it all feels better to me when the moon reflects that light. Kind darkness embraces are sweet to me and make sense. Soon I will have to leave Luiza, not that I’ve told her what my plans are. Not sure what my plans are but I know I need a night job. Something keeps pulling me into her home. A delicious sense of familiarity and curiosity.
As Luiza keeps the workers in line, so that they don’t miss out any of her orders, I’m really just scanning the internet for a job that I could actually do probably from dusk till dawn. Thinking I should get more freelancing offers so that I can pay rent for a tiny apartment. I must live on my own. My health seems to be at odds. I should figure something out. Seems as if Luiza wouldn’t mind keeping me around for an indefinite time. There is something strange in her behavior, sometimes she feels like a stranger. I might be wrong, but when she touches me and looks deep into my eyes, I swear I’m feeling more than I can speak of. I hope my senses are confused. Glad the internet connection is pretty fine in this zone. There’s a bit of a wind that keeps moving all wires and antennas, but so nice to be able to stay online for hours without interruptions. I keep looking forward into my life, and also I need to smoke badly. Lighting up a cigarette. I must be focusing on the most suitable job offer which is a bit terrifying! But then I get puzzled with thoughts about my dreams. My mind seems to be in many places at one time. I can never tell anyone about them dreams of mine. They are just dreams right? Illusions of the subconscious? Sometimes I keep myself awake so I don’t fall into the abyss of dreaming. How can I understand their meaning if I have to make a living? But hey, I started reading about mysticism and occultism when kids were still playing hide and seek. I was seeking for other things.
Soon Luiza and I, we will have to return back into the capital, the city that burns: Bucharest. Oh and its flames can get so strong. It’s a nice ride though from where we are now, about two hours away from Bucharest. I want to take my will once and get a driving license. Money, money, money.. All is covered in money. Luiza is so rich and makes my days tender with all her gifts, never wanting much in return. She says our friendship is a gift, a very rare treasure that not many can have. Luiza often talks about trusting and how difficult it is to entrust someone with friendship. I mostly don’t trust anyone due to way too many awful ‘friendship’ experiences that taught me: Trust is difficult to find and when you do find, make sure to seal it.
The night has begun. The moon is glowing. What a fantastic sensation I cannot share with anyone. Luiza sleeps in a different side of the house and I don’t really know her sleeping hours. She calls me a selenophile, a nyctophile. I am also a ceraunophile.
Perhaps what I want is hidden in the night.

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June 27, 2015 at 11:19 pm (Uncategorized)

Almost blinded by their lies, countless hackings of their minds,
Almost drained me to the abyss of self-oblivion once more.
To think you already won is what I am counting on.
Homage to darkness

#mydarkart #myphoto


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News from my portofolio

February 2, 2015 at 2:53 am (Uncategorized)

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My new uploads

February 1, 2015 at 8:42 pm (Uncategorized)


Leaf Kingdom

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Show me. Come closer.

February 1, 2015 at 5:04 am (Uncategorized)

The scent of this night tells me something else then the old news. A moment of conclusive choices, and never looking back. Prove me I’m wrong before I lock the door. But you’re a coward so keep your dreams to yourself. The past cannot be undone but the present-future can be easily broken. To destroy such a wonderful fascination will leave a mark on you.




Let my perfume, soak into your sweater

I wonder if you’ll be able to handle me

Yeah, I hear you talking
Don’t know who your trying to flatter
Got my mind made up, I’m ready for ya”

Read more: Rita Ora – R.I.P. Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Read more: Rita Ora – R.I.P. Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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Further on from my “The Empiric Deceiver”

January 20, 2015 at 2:04 am (Uncategorized)

You see, Luiza needed a lot of things that couldn’t be found that easy or she was too pretentious about everything. Anything can be done when you have wealth. Right? Right. The new look for her home was supposed to be entirely her own vision, since the house had been inhabited by her parents for much too long. We had a lot of dvds and a lot of vampire movies. Not that she watched much. I usually ended up falling asleep in front of the tv. I was never really into vampire movies, but there was something about that place, a scent .. Cannot define it. Funny that Luiza never watched the movies. Great we had internet going. It wasn’t going that swell, but sometimes when she came to my room – a rather Gothic ambient, I might add..since she was the interior decorator – Luiza would usually say: “It’s the best room in the house, my sweetest friend’, holding her expensive crystal glass and that red wine glittering inside. I won’t get into the red wine predicament just now; then Luiza would say “And it’s all yours, Adri. The sun hardly shines in here. Mmm I always get the chills in here. LOVE IT! Don’t you? Come on, I know you do. Hey, let’s look up online and order some of those wicked amasing vampire flicks! What do you want? I’m paying so let me have it all!! But you choose, all right darling?” And I like it. I couldn’t say no to her. Nights in a row I realized I was falling asleep watching either an online tv series or something from her ‘special dvds’.

One late afternoon after an extended nap, I decided to go downstairs and grab a bite. Was I wanted to keep lose weight and I needed to diet all the time. Being chubby as a kid is a scar. Of course, Luiza didn’t agree with my dieting. I was already skinny, wearing my skinny jeans and enjoying every bit. I thought

it was such a prize being so thin. Luiza looks fantastic! I told her she looks like a Queen and no one would ever say no to her.  The thing is, we were never this close, even though we’ve known each other for many, many years, we didn’t hang out a lot. Maybe because Luiza was engaged for years. She told me she was so grateful that I helped her realize details in her life that she couldn’t have picked up without me. Her breaking up with her fiancée  was the greatest moment of her life, she proudly claimed that. At least that is what she told me all the time. Not that she was seeing anyone else. She enjoyed living as she was.

So, there I was standing in the kitchen. Still dizzy after the napping. Milk and cereals, were a great part of the diet I was on. It seemed like a very long day, like those summer days that I hate from the bottom of my core! Luiza was busy with the workers who were usually doing their job until very late in the night and then starting really early in the morning. But no one bothered me. It seemed really perfect, considering the offer of an exquisite holiday. After I finished eating, I would walk to the lake and wait to watch the sun go down. I love photography and shooting the sun goes under was becoming a mantra to me! That and listening to my favorite music which was playing in my ears even though others tell you to listen to nature, I chose: my favorite frequency is mine to hold for myself and no one has to understand! I did want to measure the frequencies used by the artist who does his own work and that would explain a lot about understanding myself. I don’t even know what genre of music it is, I only go with the beat and how it affects me. This artist heals me and brings peace to me. That’s what I know. Too bad I missed his concerts when he played in the city I live in, but back then I wasn’t into his music. Now I have to wait for his return to Europe! Will he return? Oh my .. the thought of that makes me anxious and I would rather imagine he will be back.

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News from my artistic portofolio

January 20, 2015 at 1:22 am (Uncategorized)

See you

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Tasting 2015

January 20, 2015 at 1:00 am (Uncategorized)

Deleting the Past, now how would that be? I’ve started working my charms via a fantasy-story that is still in bloom and I’m not sure how it will turn. Characters have the ability to shift easily into certain positions and create nuances that can become bewildering.

Here is a sample of my work in progress:

The Empiric Deceiver

  • DANIEL ASCADOR VELENTE!! If I were to believe in curses I would probably cast one upon you!! One that would make you see what you really are!! And yes, YOU are THE BIGGEST coward! No one knows you, Daniel, like I do. No one will. And you will live with that notion FOREVER!! It will tear you to pieces, just like you did with us!

I stood up, ready to leave and then slowly approached my head close to him and whispered into his ear, softly touching his skin with mine (he liked that so much and knowing that it was the last of me he will get, made it oh so better):

  • I know what I am to you and what it does to you when I am not around, but inside the desert that is your mind.

His eyes didn’t even blink and his cigar didn’t leave his fingers. I took a good look at him before leaving for good. Never going back! NEVER!

“Learn to love yourself.” Shit. I need a cigarette! NOW!! My name is as plane as it gets: Adriana. Tears will not make my past choices bleach out, but I sure know that my next step will become a future that I shan’t regret. Daniel..where do I even begin? When did the two of us become one, until the break-up .. Zooming inside my mind through the tornado that he was in my life for the past two years. I’ve sworn to myself so many times that I will never go back to him. I bit my lips so hard and everything I can think of still reminds me of ourselves back in the torrid summer when our worlds collided.

I don’t like summers, the heat..bleah. But that summer, I accepted an invitation to a destination I had no idea what was going to become. I wasn’t planning on taking a vacation at that point, but then my dear friend Luiza asked me if I wanted to join her at her holiday house, somewhere not too far from the city. She didn’t want to be alone,  and she was teasing me about the cool nights they get over there, the lakes that surround the area and a lot less heat during the day. So I got into her car and the journey was set off. First weeks were pretty awesome, zero stress, sleeping and just dreaming a lot. Wondering so much what the heck happened to me until the age of 27 years old. I was always the one good to smear on a wound, the one you’d call in the middle of the night to cry on a shoulder, yeah you get it. Feels a lot like I didn’t belong to myself, but to someone else’s desires. I wanted to change because I was not going back to the old me. Days went by so quickly and I couldn’t understand where I was going. Spending time by myself, walking, taking photos, listening to my favorite music. Nothing much else. My friend was too busy redecorating. I helped whenever she called. Cooking for her and the rest of her friends, workers, that was fun.

Thursday. The day that marked my entire existence.

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My new Art for sale

November 27, 2014 at 1:34 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Which I only sell via

I have started up a new collection entitled “My Dark Art”:

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