Come on

July 5, 2016 at 10:44 pm (Uncategorized)

IMG_20160611_203110Not that late thoughts sprinkled into this night of a still too hot summer. Figuring out my path and the hell I am going through.
The past 6-9 years you threw your arrogance like the joker that you are and than claimed in the name of lust or was it love? No. It was “Love Me!” And I had the audacity to summon you away but now it feels like the Ouroboros of this encounter is getting ouroboring. Empty after all ? My dreams are mine and you can keep yours to yourself. With all the power you have you will never have that “pushing this forward”.
How dare you call me your favorite when I’ll never be yours?
Who wins this CJ mind game? There’s no winner when one steps away from the center.
Dragging myself via darkness means that I’ve learned about myself and now I know you like I know myself or even better. We are known. But when I am looking at the night sky, you are having a sunny day. You were never really going to share yourself with me because after all how could we work this out? Have you changed your mind perhaps?
I salute you players. Your bluff served me well. You owe me for eternity.



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