I keep wondering..

June 27, 2016 at 11:23 pm (Uncategorized)

So this is supposed to be a short story . This is how it beginning but I’ll let the ending with the imagination of the reader. Enjoy.

Who was that strange man looking at me as if he knew me and more..I can’t even find the right words to connect those dots and make sense..ok. So, imagine you are in a club with some friends, trying to relax, have fun, and what comes with good company. One of them is your best friend. Let’s call her Daeni. This friend is intrigued by a silhouette of a dark man, all dressed in black. he’s eyes were blazing straight through. Daeni turns to me – I am Seraphine – grabs me and shaking but she had to say it out loud and quickly: “Seraphine! Look at that man over there. The dark one!” And I, Seraphine finally turn my head and i see the man. Why was Daeni so excited almost hypnotized about this ..man..so i ask her “What is happening? You don’t look fine..you know you can tell me anything.” Daeni rushed and grabbed  me by the shoulders and said strange words as if she was being influenced more like hypnotized. I keep focused on him and I listen to her “Seraphine, he wants you to go to him. Look he’ll be waiting  there by the bar. Please go”

To be honest I was in a rather panicked mood..Daeni kept starring at the dark man without even blinking. We were both smoking heavily due to a rush of ..i have no idea. Seems like a moment of “i don’t know what’s happening; this is too intense; why am I shaking?” Some time goes by and we get 2 glasses of white and red wine. “The red one is for you, Seraphine.” Now wait a minute..how did the bartender  know my name?! I turn to Daeni, “Hey..did you hear that?! How did she know my name! Daeni talk to me!!”

Daeni seemed frozen while keeping that strange stare at the dark man who seemed to be waiting for something. As if Daeni read my mind suddenly she speaks to me “Seraphine, drink you red wine and go to him.”

That’s it! I take the glass and walk to him. I admit, I didn’t know what to expect. I felt chills as if it was getting colder around him but I also felt an attraction like a magnet was pulling me towards him. I put the glass next to his drink. “Mr. thank you for the drinks. May I know what you want from us?”

The moment he started talking, I swear..I saw fog coming out from nowhere and surrounding the club..it felt like a massive hypnotizing session..people looked really detached. Oh and his voice..”Miss, I only want you.” That’s when I felt scared and rejected his wooing  or whatever that was. I was overwhelmed and I had no idea what was happening. Everyone seemed to be affected by his presence, all but me. “Mr., thank you for the drinks, but we have to leave now.” He broke the glass in his hand  and said calmly “Are you sure you cannot change your mind?”

“I’m sorry..I don’t know what you want from me and I have to take my friend out of here.”

Him: “Is that your final choice, Miss?”

How does this continue?

A proper title..would be.. “Desired by the Immortal”


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