Tasting 2015

January 20, 2015 at 1:00 am (Uncategorized)

Deleting the Past, now how would that be? I’ve started working my charms via a fantasy-story that is still in bloom and I’m not sure how it will turn. Characters have the ability to shift easily into certain positions and create nuances that can become bewildering.

Here is a sample of my work in progress:

The Empiric Deceiver

  • DANIEL ASCADOR VELENTE!! If I were to believe in curses I would probably cast one upon you!! One that would make you see what you really are!! And yes, YOU are THE BIGGEST coward! No one knows you, Daniel, like I do. No one will. And you will live with that notion FOREVER!! It will tear you to pieces, just like you did with us!

I stood up, ready to leave and then slowly approached my head close to him and whispered into his ear, softly touching his skin with mine (he liked that so much and knowing that it was the last of me he will get, made it oh so better):

  • I know what I am to you and what it does to you when I am not around, but inside the desert that is your mind.

His eyes didn’t even blink and his cigar didn’t leave his fingers. I took a good look at him before leaving for good. Never going back! NEVER!

“Learn to love yourself.” Shit. I need a cigarette! NOW!! My name is as plane as it gets: Adriana. Tears will not make my past choices bleach out, but I sure know that my next step will become a future that I shan’t regret. Daniel..where do I even begin? When did the two of us become one, until the break-up .. Zooming inside my mind through the tornado that he was in my life for the past two years. I’ve sworn to myself so many times that I will never go back to him. I bit my lips so hard and everything I can think of still reminds me of ourselves back in the torrid summer when our worlds collided.

I don’t like summers, the heat..bleah. But that summer, I accepted an invitation to a destination I had no idea what was going to become. I wasn’t planning on taking a vacation at that point, but then my dear friend Luiza asked me if I wanted to join her at her holiday house, somewhere not too far from the city. She didn’t want to be alone,  and she was teasing me about the cool nights they get over there, the lakes that surround the area and a lot less heat during the day. So I got into her car and the journey was set off. First weeks were pretty awesome, zero stress, sleeping and just dreaming a lot. Wondering so much what the heck happened to me until the age of 27 years old. I was always the one good to smear on a wound, the one you’d call in the middle of the night to cry on a shoulder, yeah you get it. Feels a lot like I didn’t belong to myself, but to someone else’s desires. I wanted to change because I was not going back to the old me. Days went by so quickly and I couldn’t understand where I was going. Spending time by myself, walking, taking photos, listening to my favorite music. Nothing much else. My friend was too busy redecorating. I helped whenever she called. Cooking for her and the rest of her friends, workers, that was fun.

Thursday. The day that marked my entire existence.


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