U Framed Us

April 8, 2014 at 1:32 am (Uncategorized)

Imagining something like this:
“ – You never thought you’d fall for me, because you thought I was a piece of nothing you could just step on. You were mistaken. I understand that only you could ever be so arrogant to spot such a thought. But now look at us. What have you done? I hate you so much that no hurricane can be created to show you how you’re burning me inside out. At least I have the courage to tell it to you straight forward. How I hate you, you’ll never get it.
– Darling, I must be the most romantic masochist I know, because I hate you more and I can’t stop – as he whispered into her ear, angry clouds colliding into the night,  lightings sparkling their togetherness, his hand covering her shoulders, and holding on tightly, as if he feared she would disappear, his words spread into her soul, her guts flaming, that moment marked the beginning never planned, never dreamt. The feared point of where it all begins. That was it.
She ignited their passion by putting all her strength into her weak finger nails, squashing his skin, but it was something else than resentment. They refused to acknowledge the true nature of their connection.

HM What a fantasy

A shared love is rare. If you knew there was one and only one meant for you, what would you be capable of to have that?



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