Serafine, Serafine

April 6, 2014 at 3:11 pm (Uncategorized)

A story to share


What have they done to you, dearest Serafine? Enemies dressed as musical frequencies forcing you to believe in their illusions, only to suck out the very best of your memories and use them to their advantage, but never yours, Serafine. The mirror is your only friend for She will show you and guide you, but keep in mind and focus the mirror of those eyes. You know, the eyes. For now, you are aware that the memories build up the foundation of what is coming and they fear that. Oh how they fear that.
What if you were the last of them, Serafine? They stole and burnt and filled your mind with sympathy of an evil that is infinite. It believes it cannot be destroyed.
You were a great servant of a power that is eternal, but then you faced it with its own appalling, beastly reflection and it didn’t like that. Serafine, wake up and see, but close your eyes, if you must. See. Listen . in the deep silence the pieces of the puzzle come together.
Remember what the enemy really looks like and what it fears the most.
They wanted to erase your identity and fuel you with what they wanted you to become. The fire in you cannot be put out, it can only grow.
Bullied, freak, weird, energy bullets of no importance anymore, because the stronger you become the more negativity will be aimed towards you. So? Learn from it.
You still have to walk your path, you and only you.
This is who you really are.








The waiting has stopped.


Medion   DIGITAL CAMERA  ‘Even angel will fall’  IAMX – Lulled by numbers


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