Alternative realities

January 16, 2014 at 9:15 pm (Uncategorized)

Sometimes, all you could do is imagine. Still, how far does your imagination go? How much can you stretch your mind and what would be the purpose for doing that? Boo

Since I am on a daily job search and I am applying to requirements which include IT skills, Android knowledge, and I am willing to learn more about the new tech etc, perhaps that is why my mind sometimes goes really wild. Therefore, I was thinking/imagining a future . Year? Does It mater? Let’s make that 17 years ahead. Yeah, why not, hmm, thinking of a time: 2025.

It’s a late  night, a cold evening filled with magic. Some friends are out for drinks, and relaxing times, doing whatever together. One of the girls feels tired and wants to go home. A boy walks to her home. The loneliest girl walks home alone. She really doesn’t want the night to be over, but believes the steps she makes by herself, walking alone, breathing in the cool air, that would be ..fine. But she doesn’t get too far away, because she notices another of her friends on the street as she was standing in the middle of a crossing line.  Many streets were empty, and that was nice with little traffic. She stops her and asks her whatever is she doing all by herself in the middle of the street.

–         What the heck are you doing here?? Where have you been all night?

–         Wow I a lot to drink, but am not really drunk, just that I had a lot of drinks. we went to this party, I wanted to sing, but those guys never gave me the chance!! So please I wanna sing!!!

And she starts to sing, spreading her hands and spinning, she loud and hadn’t a care. She wanted the world to hear her.

–         Hey hey chill! You still wanna go to that karaoke contest or what?

–         YES!! AND I WANNA WIN ITTT!!

–         Alright! I think I can hook you up. Let’s go to my friend’s pub over here and see if I can get in touch with an old friend of mine who might help you with your wish. Oh wait!!

She ran after the boy and the other girl, just to find out they were only standing in front of the block, chatting. So, she called out to them and asked them to join for another drink and maybe some long conversations – as they usually did when hanging out – and the pub she had in mind was the perfect spot for that. They all got together and made it to the pub. It was very crowded, even though it was truly late into the evening, but it was a Friday night! Very cool place to spend quality time with people you feel comfortable with. They all cramped up into a corner and it was enough for them. The lonely girl started to look for some old relations she used to have around there and she found the men. She really wanted to make her friend’s dream come true and get her into the singing contest. She knew how important it was for her to participate and if she could help her out, she had to do it. As they were waiting to receive their drinks, lighting up their cigars, fiery conversations were starting too. Lonely girl had a fascination about gadgets, but her friends never really knew about it or cared. She pulls from her coat a gadget that made the others so curious and they couldn’t take their eyes of it or their minds off the idea that their friend would actually be interested in such ‘a thing’.

–         As you can see, this is my new friend. I want to give my friend a name, but I am not sure yet and I want it to be a special name because we will be together a very long time and..

She didn’t get to finish her sentence due to the interruption by her friend the one with the singing desire who said that her gadget was even better:

–         Hey! You know what?! MINE is smarter!! I CHALLENGE YOU!! What can yours do?! I will show you what mine does!

–         Girl chill. Sure. Let the game begin.

Lonely girl was so calm because she knew what she had worked for and what it took to get that extraordinary item that no one else in the world had.

–         I paid over 4 000 macro-points and been working continuously to make this right.

She started showing them what the majestic computerized minded object could do. She stood it up front on a support and they were all gazing with tremendous curiosity and lust – they wanted something like that, even though they couldn’t figure out what it actually was and its source power – and she was her usual relaxed self.  The object moved and displayed certain settings that made the others absolutely astonished.

A man asked, barely speaking:

–         How.. how did it do that? You did not tell it to do a task .. how..

–         We are wired and the rest is a secret. I wouldn’t trust anyone with it.


       I will stop this very short story right about here. 

A favorite song matching my mood:   Justin Timberlake featuring 50 cent – Ayo Technology

+ one of my favorite movies: 

Minority Report –


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