My favorite artist: Chris Corner >> Etern

November 27, 2013 at 9:55 pm (Uncategorized)

“Look at me, what have I become
I am lost I was once a gentleman
But the thief came out in my London town 
So I must leave you now 
But I will remember the ups and the downs 


I just want to turn the lights on
In these volatile times”

It can get really rough for someone who is focused on one artist, and knowing he is in a bad health condition, and as an admirer not being able to actually help balancing his health, is awful. All that I can do is send him all my positive thoughts, imaginative curing hugs and kisses, writing this for you, Chris Corner. Visualizing a web of holographic healing veil for you, C.X. <3<3

Good I’m writing this post in English and I don’t have to translate your beautiful words which only have meaning in the language you have chosen to express yourself.

“The desert skies
Will cry for us
In the land of forgotten smiles
Die our forgotten trust
The old desires
Burned in the sunshine and
All the years of our tender disunion
And I will always be here to hear you in the place where you belong.”

IAMX – Come Home

For more information about IAMX / Chris Corner you can go to the following links:

8 November

“Watch this astonishing new video made by Chris for Dorian Gray‘s great track ‘Lost Inspiration’.
Shot and edited in March in Los Angeles.
The video is the second release made possible by the IAMX crowd funding campaign (

Thank you, Dorian, for taking the opportunity. It was a pleasure!”

My personal contribution

The Latest Video from IAMX :


Thank you is not enough.












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