Best Friend Forever and Ever and Eva

November 25, 2013 at 10:16 pm (Uncategorized)

I thought I had a best friend many times during my life, but those friendships all ended up – some even after 13 years – and I thought I needed time away from this idea of a true friend. I believed the legend of what some  might call a twin soul that is found in a friend is just a fairy tale.  Many ‘best friends’ broke my heart, brought me to ocean of tears, because I gave them more credit than they have ever deserved it. I was always there for them, always the shoulder to cry on, the hugging arms that take the stress away, but when I was hurting, I was left alone with my sorrows. Until, one day, in a time of soul searching, my current best friend touched my spirit as I have touched hers and we are sharing a delightful connection to be treasured mmm like forever, yes, why not? And what do you know, exactly like that saying goes “Every brunette needs a blonde best friend” ❤ ❤ The day we met, we’ll never forget. The adventures we had, we shall always be grateful for and for every experience that we are going to share. You know, I believe one can find a little bit of that spark of ‘ the best friend vibe’ in some of those persons whom you feel you can connect to and after 20 years you still go out and  feel comfortable talking about anything. A best friend is indeed someone you can be comfortable with even in silence. My sister, my  BFForeva, if I don’t win the bracelet, I’ll imagine half of it belongs to you because that’s the place you have in my heart. 

With all the ups and downs we have grown and the journey continues. 

Yours truly, xoxoxo





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