Too early in the morning

November 24, 2013 at 7:02 am (Uncategorized)

The city that can break you or empower you. It’s kind of a team work, to know how to work with it, you and the city. Should you learn the lessons, then you should not have any issues applying everything that you know and walk with confidence through the city’s veins. It can be cruel, it can be super heated, might hurt your hearing, confuse your line of thoughts, but it can also increase your creativity, put a soft smile upon your lips, if you know how to live with it. Sometimes the intensity grows into a silence that soothes all senses. And when it’s raining, like it does now, the heavy drops that fall on the windows, and the echoes of the day which is rising soon, it can be magical. Really, it depends on how you perceive and that’s no news, right? Soon, a disastrous winter is announced to take over the city I live in, Bucharest. So what? Many are too concerned with this matter. Sure, summers do get pretty overwhelming, but we move on. This autumn was formidable from my point of view and my own personal experience. Walking through the alleys with hidden endings, letting the shades of a wind embrace the day dreaming, feeling the vibrations tangle every corner, that’s my autumn nowadays. It can be spectacular, it can be disturbing, it can be so much more, but living in Bucharest is definitely a challenge one should go for. 






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