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October 20, 2013 at 11:53 pm (Uncategorized)

An interesting series of events have been chaining up, lately. Thought I Should Blog about that. Not too long ago, I met a dude. My lover was away at that time. The dude felt attracted to me. I believe I could write endless stories about this – Imagining never fails. I will keep it very ssshhort. Our ‘connection’ otherwise would always be ‘a failed one’. I tryed being his friend and listen to him. He tells about the love he has lost and would want back, but can’t have that. And I keep listening.. I start getting that special scent of b$$##iT. I take a break. He is sure I am into him. How else? But I’m denying that because I have ‘emotional issues’ and some mental – All according to him ‘oh wise one’ . If I say to him that I wanted to offer my friendship, it’s like pouring salt into water and leaving it in the sun light. One night, I choose to go out with for another ‘chat’. That means listening to him and letting him feel important. I told him I am low with my finances and I’d rather not really go out, maybe walk in a park. ‘No, it’s fine! Please, let’s meet, I’ll take care of it.” How rotten that sounds. That will always be rotten. It’s almost 5 a.m. and I say to him that I think it is time to go home. My head’s exploding. A man asks for a cigar from a pack the dude bought me – I never asked for it. When the bill comes, the guy makes a whole scene about the payment. Finally, we leave. Another man from the street asks for a cigar. What do you think the dude I was with did? “GIVE HIM THE CIGAR! I BOUGHT THAT PACK FOR YOU!! Actually, give me the pack!!!” I give it and walk away. After a while, I , in my idiotic perspective of male mentality, thought to ask him how he is. My senses were trying to tell me it is wrong, even though my intentions are pure and honest. I was thinking that maybe I was wrong the first time we met.

Silly me. Life’s challenges never stop. The signs, the signs, I wasn’t being that open-minded. Everything was telling me ‘DO NOT’. And it just happened a friend of mine needed emergency assistance , so , if that wasn’t a big sign .. I don’t know what is!!! Let me tell you something he wrote me in a sms when i texted him that I can no longer make it to see him, because something has come up: “you look for me only to scratch the meeting. It’s not about ego, but it is obvious that ‘the dilemma’ was imaginary, a figment of your imagination.” Just another person of the male genre who taught me the same lesson over and over again. This all started because I thought we could be friends. He didn’t even believe I had a lover because I was out alone WOW!!!!!!!!! =))))) I thought a man and a woman could actually be only friends. I’ve been bullied all of my life, ever since I can remember Bullying. May this be a treasured lesson and surely unforgotten. 

So, Guy, Check this out


VIVA Bullyville


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