Ain, the silent Agreement

January 31, 2012 at 9:56 pm (Uncategorized)

When the Black Wolf comes knocking at your door

Will you look into his eyes and really open the gate;

Will you be unafraid, if only for a moment you’d see what’s inside;

Will you run, run, run deep into your hiding place .. if he lets you, of course ~

But why would The Black Wolf be at your door step at this specific Timing?

Is the wounded? Is he bleeding? Is he hunted?

Is he wanted? Is he looking for something special that he’s been squandering for aeons upon aeons, universes within universes, dreams blended in  ~

So you’ve found yourself looking into his own self coz he allows you, too .. hmm what does that mean?

Feeling a little paralysed? Overwhelmed by the desire to know more, maybe even let him in?

What’s in for the one who answers him?

There’s no talking, just the knocking, and the Staring.

A Connection

Do you wonder is he just a man who got bored so he put on a Dark Dark Mask ;

What is underneath all this Blackness? What is this Tar?

Have you made your decision, chosen one? Are you gonna let him cross into your own private space?

Remember to ask the right questions.

I’m sure he’d want some sort of unconditional affair, but he knows the rules, too well. One like him makes Rules. Oh, what is He …

You Show Him Inside, and he likes your vibe. Now he is even more eager to find out if he made the right Choice.

By Me  Dark Rap Violin Beat – silent Massacre


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