En nombre de los recuerdos magicos ~ Espagna, Alhambra

December 9, 2011 at 12:34 am (Uncategorized)

One of the most enchanting places I’ve visited, so far, it is Alhambra.



Wish I could have seen by the Moonlight, when it is surrounded by the influence and the magiq of the Night!




Had I made a list of such magical places I visited, then this one could make it to nr. 2 or 3. Not so sure, 2 or 3 – as if it really does matter 🙂 but for the fun of it 🙂 – since I’ve never actually thought about it 🙂 Hmm The Island of Aphrodita, Cyprus is absolutely a place that summons one more than just once during an existence. Well, that’s what I believe. I have spent many years on the spectacular island, even though I am not a sun lover. I am exactly the opposite, that is I adore the mountains – rainy/foggy/ windy, very cool days! The end of the Spring, the beginning of Autumn, more likely the Long Autumns in the city, I find them somewhat fascinating. Obviously, there is no comparison between the 2 extremes: the city and the Mountains. Everything is ‘wiser’ up there 😉

When Nature take its natural course and gets ready for the next season, I like Watching the energy preparing itself for “The Frozen Days’, The Gift of the Winter Time, when the energetic field rebuilds itself. Looking at the scarlet leaves falling on the hard ground or the gardens which become this sort of sanctuary for Autumn, filled with dry leaves, whatever little fruits that have fallen off the scorched branches, sometimes the earth is just waiting to be filled with the essence of the water. But, nowadays, the tellurian parts have been watered!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAlTlcXGGe4 Shakira – Ojos Asi

http://lyricstranslate.com/en/ojos-asi-eyes-those.html There are the original lyrics and the translation into English.


“Yesterday I met a sky without sun
and a man without shame
A saint in prison
and a sad song without an owner
And I met your black eyes
And now I cannot
live without them

Lord of the sky, I’m calling you
In his eyes I see my life
I come to you from this world
Oh God, please answer my call)”

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