Ojos frios

November 21, 2011 at 9:33 pm (Uncategorized)


Perhaps you know something, perhaps you see in me what I is deeply frozen within.

Doucement you walked right next to me, took my hand and asked me wondering why am I not letting you love me;

I couldn’t understand then. I watched you, but you knew it was best not to look me straight in the eyes.

I was so confused and unable to respond. Paralyzed by your soyeux sincérité. Didn’t run away as I would usually do.

You sealed your lips to mine with the softest kiss and then you showed me inside.

“Pay attention to the cards.” I did as you asked and kept my focus. For you knew the Meaning of it all, just like the Ancestors do.

You’ve never made fake promises, instead you gave me les plus belles fleurs sauvages;

The violet, the golden, the white, parfum délicieux, all imprinted in my Memory for Eternity.

Never have I met a more honest mind.

How could I not let you in?



Wojciech Kilar – Flowers of Firenze


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