The Nines (2007)

November 12, 2011 at 12:26 am (Uncategorized)

After watching this incredible movie , myself being a little overwhelmed by number 9  – always following me – I’ve decided to post some parts of the dialogues which I consider to be important, at least to me. I don’t know if the phrases are totally accurate. As I was listening, I wrote down:

7: You are a multidimensional being  of vast, almost infinite power. You, this body you’re in, it’s just one of your incarnations, Avatars. Call it what you will.

9 him: Are you saying I’m God?

7: Technically, no. if God is a 10, a theoretical ultimate. You’re more of a 9.

9: Who are you?

7: Humans are sevens. Monkeys sixes.

9: What is an eight?

7: Koalas. They’re telepathical. Plus they control the weather. But, ahm .. the important thing is you. You created this world on a whim and decided to stick around to see how it turned out. You can destroy the world with a single thought. […] But the truth is you hold all the cards. When people pray they don’t want this thing or that thing, they just don’t want to be forgotten. So you understand? I would have told you earlier but .. ok?

9 G(Gary, Gavin, Gabriel): Ya, I understand. But I don’t believe you

From Part three: Knowing:

9 S – Sierra/Sarah/Susan: So you play a lot of characters at once?

9 him: Ah, a couple, most people do.

9 S: But you’re not most people. You created the world, you know all the secret codes.

9 G: Like God-mode?

9 S: Is that how you call it?

9 G: it’s when you have all the powers and you can’t be killed. It’s actually boring to play though the game isn’t fun unless there are rules.

9 S: You make the rules.

9 G: Ya, I do.

9 S: The thing is this planet needs people. They are the drug of choice. It wasn’t that hard to make a Universe. At first you just checked in every once in a while. See how the Neanderthals were doing, move a couple of continents around, but then you got more into it. You started playing a couple of characters of your own: slaves, king, messiahs, pretty soon you were playing 24/7.

9 G: How long have I been..

9 S: You’ve been gone for 4,000 years. Not that time means the same for us.

9 G: You came looking for me.

9 S: That’s what a girl does.

9 G: Why now?

Woman: Because you forgot who you are.

Man: You forgot this wasn’t real.

9 S: I couldn’t just storm in [..] It’s your Universe. We had to play by your own rules. We had to show you how limited and corrupt your little world was. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice place. It’s cozy. Do you remember where you came from?

9 G: It was warm and white .. like ..

Man: You can’t describe it with human words.

Woman: You can’t think it with human thoughts.

9 S: We need you to come back with us. Come back with me.

If you want to know what the green bracelet represents, I recommend you see this movie.



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