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November 11, 2011 at 8:47 pm (Uncategorized)

One of my favorite movies is “Dark City” –

Why I consider this marvelous work of art to be so spectacular

This Dark Realm that the movie presents isn’t much different from the world I live in. What world am I referring to?  According to the Gregorian calendar it is 11.11.2011, here on planet Terra. In the movie, the humans that were captured by the ‘dark beings’ and taken away from their natural habitat have no self-awareness. So, it’s not much unlike what goes on in my reality or the common world I share with you.

They believe whatever they are made to see. The Dark Ones change or alter their perception whenever they consider it is ‘the right time’ for the experiment to take place. They just want to understand what makes a human , human. With help from incredible machineries, the Dark Ones are able to alter the matter. They are assisted by a human doctor who made a deal with them. But he was forced to inject himself with the ‘oblivion serum’, as I call it.

No one was supposed to remember where they came from. After numerous tests on the humans, endless use of the ‘oblivion serum’, so it happened that the forgetting  juice didn’t work on one man. As he was Awakening, confusion and fury surrounded his puzzled mind. He discovers he can influence matter with the power of the Mind – the thought frequency.

Of course, his Awakening is against the plan of the Dark Ones and Mr. John Murdoch had to be imprinted again – injected with the very special oblivion juice.  He had to surrender to the power/ influence of “the strangers”, hence they captured a woman who was supposed to believe she is the wife of John. Murdoch’s emotional state made him succumb to the Will of the Dark Ones, as they hold a lot of power, including putting one to sleep.

Ever felt so caged?

One of the characters – from the photo above – kept on saying that there’s no way out.

What exactly clicked inside John Murdoch that made him manifest thought over matter? What triggered his Limitless Power?


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