An Ode to my Mirror

October 19, 2011 at 9:57 pm (Uncategorized)

I here stand before you with my All

You see me inside out, so tell me please: whom should I trust?

The Mirror’s voice as crystal as it’s appearance: Whom else but your own self, childe of the Moon?

I answer back confused for I hear the echoing words and they resonate a Truth:

Only Myself, Mirror? How so? Is there no other being that is like me and could be my friend? No one? Nothing?

The Truth is now in your grasp. It is your choice whom to trust. I only answer what you need to know.

Yes, my Mirror, I See now, I See like never before. Your Crystal Truth is the only one. I’ve lost my faith in my senses when they all tried to pull me down.

Thank you, my Mirror, you only reflect what is right and clear.

Thank you for the Crystal Awareness

I take one more look in the Mirror

I focus and see the big Nothing, the Void

I See because of Thee



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