From the movie “Blood and Chocolate”: “This is my world. These are my people. People who believe in prophecies, and destinies… I believe we make our own.”

October 17, 2011 at 11:13 pm (Uncategorized)

My analysis on some lines from the movie “Blood and Chocolate”

“When we are children, we believe the world is full of magic. We believe in myths and legends, and that destiny awaits. That is the world I remember, and the world I wish I’d never known…”

As a child, whenever I wanted to believe in the Magic beyond the foggy veil of ‘reality’, people have always tried to break my mind, my beliefs, my Dreams. When I told my so called friends about my experiences, oh, the error of my judgement – believing in them –  and such harsh lessons I had (still have to) learnt. Whom to trust? Mostly..nobody. Who can be your friend? The one you can trust. Funny paradox. The vortex of this reality is twisted until you finally see it from above and see its core. I don’t care about them who are blind to the truth, the Magic that surrounds everything, the stories that encompass this world. Focusing your own very pure senses can be difficult when one is too empathic. Learning to keep that focus on yourself is a must. Feeling your inner power begins with Great Will.


“If you are the one from the prophecy… soon I will ask you to be my wife.” – Gabriel

If a matrix sets a certain pattern and one being doesn’t agree with it, then what? Is the being who is in fact a part of the matrix and it is created within its pattern more powerful? Where does infinity stop when it goes around and around until .. what? Chaos again and then the lightnings-web that form the particles of matter?

Prophecies? Determined existences.  Can they be overwritten, if one should not agree to that ‘maktub pattern’? It’s like a continuous war, a never ending struggle between the Force that Creates and the Particle that survives within the Mind of Creation. Feels like Creation is fighting with itself.
“You want to be ordinary. You’re not ordinary. Ask the animal who is inside you… She will teach you.” – Gabriel

Hmm what is this “Beast” within? This instinctual spark that is undeniable engaging when a certain frequency is reached. Can one ever manifest its true nature if there are rules to follow and actually control this ..’animal’ .. ? Why fear it and not understand it? This reminds me of a scene from the X-Men sequel when Prof. X is keeping “Phoenix” – the raw/true Force – under his control. But those who saw the movie know what the consequences were. We stumble in manners, social labels, social.. social .. everything. Alone, in the night, when you look in the Mirror what do you see? Do you know what you are?
“It’s not the hunt I live for. It’s the running. The being free!”

Yaa , indeed. What is being free? So far, the only ‘freedom’ I was aloud to experience is by hiding my true self.. ‘Thank you’ to the Creative Force for giving me the ability to run to those other worlds and be what I truly am. Better than being totally trapped here. The greater the potential, the greater the struggle, the stronger the envy of the weaker links and those who will without a doubt come for you. It’s a hunt.


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