An Original Gravure signed by Marcel Chirnoaga

October 16, 2011 at 6:32 pm (Uncategorized)

My personal interpretation of this absolutely brilliant otherworldy representation/gravure

I call it “Astral Amor”. I imagine a world of pure lust with creatures absorbing energy by engaging into lustful manifestations. There’s a desperate reaction towards sexuality and somehow an enormous need to express it and maybe transformation through its means of sexual behavior. For these creatures, it is Amore, but not what we are familiar with. As if all humans actually know what Amor really is. They just think they do and they have this amasing vanity to pretend they know. It is sad, but true. 

I see in this bull-headed creature all the inferior male energy, like the beastly male echoing and it cannot stop from taking what he believes it is his. He cannot hold it back so he grabs the first female that surrenders. These females accept the beastly energy for it is too much for them to ban. But these females are also at an inferior level, because theu can’t protect themselves, as they are  unaware of what is happening. Blind to the truth as most are. Then, these females become something  beastly, as well, and merge with the one penetrating their essence. There are no feelings, just a beam of inferiority. This male energy can be similar to the incubi. This just represents another layer of a reality that is invisible to mostly everyone.

Why is this Gravure Unique, besides its extraordinary message? Do you see the head looking down at the creatures?  What do you think this image mirrors? 

It is a part of the Artist’s collection and the letters marked in the corner “E.A.” stand for: “Exemplarul Autorului” which I translate as: The Artist’s Collection. I don’t know the proper artistic terms and I have not found this specific gravure in any catalogue.

Dimensions: 34 cm wide / 47 cm long

For more details about the price and shipping please contact me:


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