I used to live in Egypt, the city of Alexandria

October 7, 2011 at 2:01 pm (Uncategorized)

When I was very young, I had to move to Egypt, to the city of Alexandria. Went to school for 3 years. I think it was called the International or English School for Girls or something. Queen Elisabeth has studied there. A green-eyed boy with raven like feather hair fell in love with me. I remember perfectly his wavy,  dark, shiny hair, bright green eyes and am very sure that he was a Gemini 🙂 This astrological sign has been showing up intensively in my (this) existence.  He was a little older than I. Wouldn’t want to get into details… Nothing happened.

But Nothing ever does. 

Just when I was getting ready for what was supposed to be my firts appearance in a theatrical show + the russian balet that I missed 😦 2 shows .. they were supposed to be great experiences .. kaput! 😐 Then I continued the balet studies in Bucharest .. That just wasn’t the same. Of course, it didn’t last. Dark rouge and black were the colours on my balet beautiful dress. Hmm I remember waiting to go on the stage to perfom with the rest of the group. I was waiting and waiting .. I was left alone and then a woman came to me. She told me the dress I was supposed to wear is missing. Really? But! Another one ‘came along’. Some called it one of the most beautiful costumes they had at the Bucharest National Opera House.  And I was proudly wearing the Dark Red and the Black! Envy surrounded me, as it did/does most of the Time. Did I care? No. For as long as I went to the Romanian Balet Classes, the famous Romanian Balerina , Leni Dacian was my teacher.  Another balerina, Doina Andronache, used to be one of my neighbors. She had a hmmm I can’t remember the name of that dog breed, even though I like it 🙂  Nice dog 🙂

Am a “Cat Person” 🙂 Cats, Cats, Cats! Qittaz!

“My” Lovely UNIQUE Qitta! You know one cannot own a cat, right? Respect the Freedom, the Choice of Independence! Been around her since she was in the Mind and Womd of the Froce of Creation. Met her mami and her brother. Am not sure on who the father is/was. Not important. All that matters is that is well. So she is about 3 years and uhmm maybe 6 months. I still wonder what her astrological sign she was born into. I think it might be Pisces. Anywayz 🙂

Wubi poos! ***

My very own Ankh! Of course, it was bought from Egypt


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