I Believe

September 14, 2011 at 2:56 am (Uncategorized)

I believe I am the memory of everything that makes me the way I perceive myself at this exact moment and how others see me. Perhaps using the singular for memory is better, since all that exists is – the entire memories of the multi-selves (as I like to call the Individual Consciousness) –  in fact One. All the memories are the layers of this multiverse, which are all existing at the same time, but one being cannot  be aware of everything at once. I believe one would go poof, in that case 🙂  “Here and Now”,  Am just a part of the Great Self- Memory, a micro-universe in this common reality I share with so many minds , in the year 2011 – according to the Gregorian calendar.

Too bad I love the cold so dearly, the fog, the rain, dark clouds covering the sun, soft wind thrilling my every bit of my body, and here I am in this Romanian Land, wondering when this terrible heat would freeze. I imagine myself somewhere in Scotland or Ireland or just the places from one of my favorite TV series “Midsomer Murders”. 



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