Remember, Remember who you are ~ If you are capable enough

August 7, 2011 at 10:09 pm (Uncategorized)

Some say it’s best not to Awaken the latent Memory lying inside your mind. I couldn’t help it. I needed to know! I felt incomplete without a better self-knowledge. I chose to follow my Path of deeper and profound knowledge of my true inner self. Otherwise it would have been awkward to walk through this life. I was given the chance and assistance , the right kind of guidance which allowed me to recollect the dormant memories. I squandered a lot, but I couldn’t give up. I had to know. But this is just my choice, I believe that not anyone should take this Journey. Maybe it was meant to be like this – surely, for me – , maybe all the choices I had made brought me to this Path.

I am my Past, my Present and my future.  Audrey Rose with Anthony Hopkins

This is a masterpiece. The movie presents the struggle of a consciousness trapped in a brain and a body that can’t handle the pressure. It can be extraordinary difficult to Remember (a Past). If the Mind is not strong enough, the matter cannot support it. There’s a strange unbalance between the flow of Memory and the “present pattern of the new existence”, which is usually easly embraced.

Don’t open the Gate, if you’r not prepared to take the step. Maybe you should even knock at the Gate.  Enigma – Return to the innocence


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